Single or combined bets: which is better if you are a beginner?

Nobody is born taught, and those who have become professional bettors have started their career taking their first steps just like you: eager to take on the world, but with little experience, but we are here for a reason!

It's important that you know what kind of betting best suits you based on your experience. Doctor Obvious on the attack, right? Well, here's another obvious one: there are many types of sports betting, and it's up to you to choose the one that's right for you. Spoiler: you should start with short goals, and the number 1 objective will be not to lose your money at the first try.

And be very careful when you hit, whether you choose single or combined bets! We tell you right now: be careful not to get crazy and start betting like crazy. Keep your feet on the ground, if your head goes through the roof, take a break and wait until the high wears off, okay?

What is a simple bet

Simple bets are the most basic bets there are. The idea is to make a prediction on a single selection, and pray that the result will be the expected one. Keep in mind that, depending on the sport or market you are betting on, there will be 2, 3 or more possible outcomes. Now, in principle, if we talk specifically about the possible outcomes of the bet we would say that they are the following: "Won", "Lost" and "Void".

As you can see, the name "simple" suits it perfectly, because it is actually the simplest bet you will find. It has no more mystery, and allows you to bet without getting your head hot. In addition, they are designed to bet small amounts at a time, with small amounts and always keeping the level of risk under control.

What is a combined bet

The simple bet is simple, and in the combined bet, you combine selections. So easy. Very obvious, but very true. In the combined bets you have the opportunity to combine several selections in the same ticket, allowing you to obtain a bigger prize.

However, in order to get it, you have to match ALL the selections, it is not enough to match a part of them. There are combined bets that allow the introduction of error margins (these are the combined system bets), but at the cost of this error margin, the profit margin is also reduced proportionally.

The point is: if you miss a single selection, the entire bet is lost and you won't see a single cent back. It's a risk usually taken by those with more experience. Remember that prudence is a virtue, so bet carefully. We will never tire of repeating this to you.

Hence, the question is very obvious: do we bet on single or combined bets? What should we do if we are inexperienced?

Single or combined bet: what should you choose?

The last word is yours, but we are going to be a bit mean and we are going to be that little voice in your conscience that is going to tell you that, if you are going to shoot yourself in the foot, it is better not to do anything. Because combination bets, although tasty, are usually not a good option for rookies like you.

This is when you beat your chest, frown and say "but I already know what a combination bet is, I know the risks". Yes, yes. You know the theorical risks, but in practice things change. Take it from us: it's not a good idea to mix inexperience and lack of experience with parlay bets.

So, the answer is easy: start with single bets. You know what a single bet is, but it's another thing to master it. Start there and when you get the hang of it, we'll talk about it.

So that you can get out of doubts:

What are combination bets?

Another logical question: at what point to take the leap? That one is more difficult to answer. If you have no experience or level, a combination bet is out of the question from the start, but it is certain that at some point you will have to play with real fire. Simply put, when the time comes, you will master single bets. You will notice it, and that will be the time to consider going for something else.

What for? For a bigger prize, and that means making combined bets. Maybe at the beginning you won't give a single one, but don't beat yourself up: the important thing is that you have a bankroll robust enough to withstand the first onslaughts.

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