Self-stacked scripts in poker: what are they and what are they for?

With the growth of online poker, digital resources have been increasing, helping to simplify the role of the player both during the game and in the moments before and after.

In this post we are going to focus on poker auto-sitting scripts, a resource that can be helpful before the game starts. How do they work? What role do they play? Are they legal? Let's take a look.

What are poker auto seating scripts?

Poker auto seating scripts are computer programs, digital tools that serve to automate the process of finding, selecting and occupying seats at online poker tables.

These scripts are integrated into APIs, application programming interfaces provided by poker platforms, which allow access to public information about the tables: number of players, betting limits, game types, number of players, basic statistics and so on.

These criteria are used to narrow down the search parameters, the basis for these automatic scripts to work. Online poker benefits from their role right from the start by making traffic more fluid and consistent, avoiding logged-in users who do not play due to indecision. Thanks to these scripts, a player can access and enter directly to a table that fits his preferences, without wasting time and avoiding manual search and selection.

What are auto seating scripts in poker for?

To put it bluntly, auto seating scripts in poker allow you to automatically search for a table that suits what you want. But the advantages of using these scripts go beyond that: 

  • They open up access to the tables that are most convenient for you. Unless you know in depth what each platform offers and its offer and table layout, discerning which ones are the most interesting for you is complicated. Thanks to these scripts, you can have direct and uncomplicated access to all the tables that meet your preference.
  • They enhance strategic positioning. As you know, the position you occupy at a poker table is crucial. The job of the auto seating programs is not only to assign you a table automatically, but to place you in the best place according to the seats available at the moment you ente
  • Time optimization. The time-saving advantage is obvious. No more wasting minutes and minutes looking for a table that fits what you want. The automatic poker scripts will make you occupy an ideal place at the table without wasting time, being able to go directly to the actio
  • More objective decision making. The fact that there is no human intervention in the selection of tables makes the emotional bias in the player's decisions decrease, basic to base well any subsequent decision that affects the round.

Can auto-seated scripts be used in poker?

Each platform has its own policy regarding the use of auto-seating programs, so it is advisable to consult in advance regarding the use of software.

For several years, there has been a generalized idea that it is necessary to protect the weaker players in order not to expel them from the community and to encourage fair play. This is why some of the big houses in the sector in Spain have decided to limit or prohibit the use of these automatic scripts at their poker tables.

In other platforms, on the other hand, it is unnecessary to make use of these scripts due to the limited offer of tables they offer. It should not be forgotten that those platforms that have a lower volume of traffic will tend to readjust their offer of tables, and if this is not very extensive, making use of these scripts of auto seated poker will be unnecessary.

At this point, the use of auto seating programs is very restricted. It must be taken into account that the platforms watch, above all, for parity in the game and allowing the use of these tools can unbalance the game, making the players who use these programs have an advantage from the very moment of choosing the table, without even having started the game. This would condition everything else, so limiting or directly prohibiting the use of these scripts seemed the most logical option.

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