Poker etiquette: useful poker behavior protocols

All live poker games are governed by a series of rules. These rules not only concern the dynamics of the game, but also the table etiquette so that the time players share on the table remains cordial despite the rivalry.

Online poker has lost for some the face-to-face charm, body language and class that many poker legends have demonstrated. However, there are certain ways to detect what kind of behavior a certain player has despite the distance and the cover provided by the virtual game.

It is worth remembering that these protocols are minimum agreements that govern the behavior of all users during the games, so you will have to comply with this series of basic rules if you do not want to start being badly considered by the rest of the users.

Online poker etiquette tips

Let's go over some of the basic points governing poker etiquette behavior:

  • Don't play over time. Although you can stretch the time limit that each player has available to speak during the round, online poker rooms already have their own mechanism that allows each player to make a clear decision in a reasonable amount of time. The trick used in the past by some players to delay each decision too much in time managed to exasperate the rest, and it started to be frowned upon as soon as this gesture of dubious class started to become popular.

  • Clear and decisive bets. This applies more to live poker than to online poker, because in virtual games there is no way to play ambiguity. The bets in these rooms are made clear so that all players can see what has been the game of each user. In live poker this is important, because betting in a confusing way is something that should not be done. For example, saying loudly that you bet 10 euros and placing 5 on the table.

  • Chats, only for punctual and cordial messages. Online poker rooms usually have their own chat platform that allows players to communicate with other users. But this platform, apart from being moderated to avoid abuse, is designed so that players show respect above all in each of their interventions. Any insult, obscene or out of place comment can have serious consequences for the offender.

  • Know how to lose. Bad poker players are usually those who do not accept defeat, a behavior that a good player will know how to take advantage of because it gives a reading of the kind of player he is and how he can approach the game. In any game, knowing how to lose is almost or more important than knowing how to win, and in poker this is especially relevant. If you lose, they have been better than you, so you have to study what happened to improve.

  • If you are a spectator, do not argue about any play. Some online poker platforms allow users to assist other players as spectators when they join the room, but the table is full. The code of poker etiquette says that, if you are not participating in the game, any opinion or debate generated about any move or play is uncalled for, so save it. You'll look better.

Why protocols are necessary in poker

All of these aspects are part of any poker etiquette. A poker protocol is necessary to maintain a code of conduct that allows the game to be played in the right way, preventing rivalry from having consequences beyond the game itself.

Taking into account that it is a game in which important amounts of money can be wagered, it is elementary that all players maintain a series of conduct guidelines so that the game is not tarnished by offensive, disrespectful and intimidating attitudes, which question the quality of a user's game or any other personal aspect related to his or her person.

Nowadays, online poker rooms have a large team of people behind them who are in charge of the maintenance and supervision of the games. They are the ones who can receive reports from users who denounce offensive attitudes or who violate the most basic poker protocol of good conduct, taking the measures they deem appropriate to prevent the offenses from being repeated in the future.

Although many think that there is no need for a protocol in online poker, precisely because of the shield granted by the virtual and remote game it is more important than ever to have a series of protocols and etiquette codes to ensure the harmony of the online game and maintain the competitive spirit of poker without denting the respect between players.

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