POKER BOTS: How to detect them and beat them

POKER BOTS: How to detect them and beat them

From the last ten years, bots are moving like fish in the water on the internet. We are not talking about they are showing up on chats and social media, this is about they have already been created with such intelligence that they are capable of playing video games or even winning online poker games.

Poker bots are getting to be a pain in the ass for everyone, because they are able to destabilise a game in favor of a player who is the one who has introduced this bot, or even for those people who have registered it, so that the money collected in the games is disbursed quickly, cheating so much so, everyone could be upset and could stop playing. In this guide, we want to explain you about the special features that poker bots have, how to detect them if you are playing a game, and what you should do if you want to beat them.

What are Poker Bots? How do you identify them?

Firstly, online casino platforms where poker is played at international level, are getting more effective tools to avoid bots attacks on poker games. As a consequence, this prevents that users could be cheated by someone who wants to ruin the good dynamics of these online poker rooms. At the same time, hackers and Poker Bots developers are getting more resources and they are trying by all means to create a new undetectable model. Nonetheless, with certain interactions you will be able to know if they really are bots or not, but what are poker bots?

Bots are software applications that can imitate a real person. You may think you are playing with someone who lives in another country or in another city, however, what you find is a software application that has been programmed to impersonate a poker online player who knows what moves are more convenient to do every time.

There are a few ways to detect or to identify poker bots, being the main one that you are always going to see “this person” online. As much as a person enjoys poker games, it is practically impossible for him to be constantly online and he will appear playing. In general, a person will be able to play for a couple of hours, but they will need to do their living, eat, sleep, work, whereas a bot will never do this. 

Well, you may think that this poker bot is programmed to only work at certain times, so you will only find it at certain times and that's it. This pattern is usually visible by the anti-bot software of online casinos, but you can also find out if you see that every single day it is online at the same time and also disconnects at the same time.

Detecting Poker Bots by online chat

One of the best ways to detect or to identify a Poker Bot is through an online chat. This game is not only centered on cards, so people also hang out with other players, being able to create a great friendship or a great rivalry that encourages the excitement of the game. In general, bots programmers are not usually centered on conversations. They are just centered on the technical or strategical part, which means, that the artificial intelligence will focus on moving the cards properly and being the best hand of all of them.

If we only focus on the strategy, it may be hard to know if it is a bot, although it is true that these softwares usually have a low level or ranking on the games, fishy names or nicknames, numbers that you may think that they could be malware, or even their register is not verified or their player profile is not completed. These data are common in order to identify a Poker Bot, because it will focus on the game every time.

So, one of the best methods to detect them and ban them is through the online chat. You will have to speak with “him”, ask personal questions, because it won’t know how to answer properly. In the same way, you can ask it the same question in a different way, so it may make mistakes or it may contradict itself.

¿How to beat an online Poker Bot? 

The first thing we are going to tell you is that beating a bot can be quite hard, and you must have a good entry level. If you are someone who has just started to play online poker games, 
our recommendation is that if you feel that there is a bot at the table, it would be better to withdraw because it can be an impossible task, due to these programs are made to win and practically they know all the moves.

The funny part on online poker is being able to analyse the entire game, move by move, so that you can understand what is happening. You must have the maximum concentration and nothing or nobody can distract you. In the case of bots, this is done 
automatically, nothing is going to distract them and therefore, they are able to analyse the possible winning moves in a couple of seconds. 

Sometimes the best way to beat a bot is to get other players to go against it as well, so that it can quickly retreat when being detected. However, if your intention is to beat it, you will have to put a lot of effort and a lot of concentration, in addition to having a perfect hand, because poker bots will know the cards that are left to come out, among many other parameters.

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