How to win at slots: tips and tricks

Winning at slots is not easy, especially if we want to do it in the long term, in which case things get more complicated. Even if we choose to play a slot machine with high prizes, the chances of success are low.

Despite the fact that some people say that slots have lost gaming potential compared to other games such as betting, they are still a perfect game for many people. For that reason, we are going to show you more information about them and we will even offer you some tips and tricks that will help you to have more chances of winning more money when you play them.

How the first slot machines were born

They were born with the aim of entertaining customers who were looking for something more casual in casinos while they were not using other games with more demand, such as roulette or blackjack.

With this concept we can say that slot machines were born with the purpose of entertaining the waiting time between other more relevant games at that time for casinos. They were three-reel slots with a certain number of symbols and lines. The objective was that, through chance, players joined them to receive different prizes. As little by little the slots became successful, the varieties and options were growing, which has caused that nowadays the diversity is very wide, especially in the big casinos.

Tips to win at slots

In order to have more options to win in a slot machine, we are going to show you a list with 5 tips with which it will be a little easier to succeed. These tips are linked to mathematics and usually give very good results when put into practice.

High RTP: always try to look for the slot machine that has the highest RTP (the percentage of return of prizes to the player). Normally the vast majority of machines are linked to chance and, above all, to computer programs that generate numbers randomly. As a player you can do nothing if you have the goal of trying to manipulate the machine, as this is impossible. At best you can try to study it, but to this day there is no trick that allows its manipulation. At least that is known, since there are many people who dedicate their lives to try to manipulate them in order to win big prizes. Of course, nowadays there is a wide variety of slot machines in which we can play. There are machines aimed at casual players and others for the lovers of this game, that is to say, the high rollers. Normally, high-roller machines tend to be the most lucrative for the vast majority of players. This is due to the fact that they usually offer a higher probability of recovering part of the invested amount.

Risk-reward ratio: we do not have to play slot machines like crazy or the losses will be big. We always have to perform a risk-reward analysis to be able to see if we really have options to amortize the investment. As a general rule, the average payback of players who bet the maximum number of coins is always higher than 3 coins. In this case, it can be deduced that the payback percentage is higher when betting the maximum coins. On the other hand, the risk has to be assumed, since there is also the risk of losing the maximum number of coins in case the result is not as expected.

Slots with high prizes: there is no perfect method to win at slots, but it can be a good option to opt for slots with higher prizes. When a player wants to win at the machine, what is usually done is to think of techniques to achieve success. But after many studies, it has been shown that there is no real technique that makes the player be above it at any time. There is only the option of opting for the best RTP, as we have explained above. This way you can have a greater range of possibilities of recovering a good part of what you have invested if you have some luck. This is because the more we play, the more chances we have of winning. After all, slots are games of chance. Although it is also true that with a couple of plays we can win the jackpot and with a thousand we can win nothing. Chance is important and this can be studied with the large number of variables that can occur. The problem, of course, is that people do not have unlimited funds, so sometimes they can stop playing when the prize is closer. This means that if another person continues with the game, the probability of winning is higher than the one who has been playing the game the longest. In many areas it is said that the "hot machine" is left on.

Take care of your budget: to avoid reaching the maximum problem, never exceed the budget. If, after consuming it, we have not had any luck, we should leave it for another day. Continuing to gamble can lead to significant losses. In addition, it can be a good option to try to take advantage of the offers and bonuses to have more spins and, therefore, more options to win the game to the machine. In this case we have to take into account the concept of volatility to take advantage of the bonuses with benefit to our interests. Usually the slot with high volatility is associated with less frequent but higher winnings. On the other hand, the slot with low volatility tends to give prizes more continuously, but they are smaller.

Test the volatility: taking into account what we were explaining in the previous tip, to see which machine is or is not volatile we have to test it by ourselves. When we play for a long time with it we can realize if it is one of those that offers small and continuous prizes or one of those that take a long time to give prizes, but on the other hand they are more bulky.

Winning with a slot machine is not easy, especially if we have not studied it and we know more or less its behavior. To avoid high losses, it is always necessary to go to the game with a closed budget and adapted to the economic situation of the moment. You should never play with money you do not have because then the problem will be serious. Always do it in moderation to avoid falling into addiction

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