How to be a poker grinder: key tips

We can't deny it. Poker is one of those games that generate a feeling of adrenaline that makes you not want to leave the green carpet. Risk is inherent in poker and, if you manage to enjoy it, poker becomes one of the best games there is. Risk is inherent in poker and, if you manage to enjoy it, poker becomes one of the best games there is.

If you've been enjoying this card game - and strategy - for a while now, you may have heard the term grinder. If you're not quite sure what it means, read on. In this article we explain it to you.

A poker grinder is someone who has made this game his way of life, that is, poker is his job. He dedicates his time not only to play, but also to learn strategies that will take him to the top. After all, it is his job.

Surely, if you have been frequenting poker tables for some time, you have come across this figure of authority and reference. If you have been struck by a reserved, extremely prudent guy and you have even thought that he has no idea how the game works, but at a given moment, he has stood up and taken all the chips from the table with him, yes, it was him, a real poker grinder.

Now, a poker grinder plays with a spreadsheet in mind. Unlike the rest of us mortals who enjoy poker at a table and betting for the simple fact of having fun, a real grinder does not take risks.

Here are some key tips that can help you recognize and become one:

Minimizing risks

Large sums of money are not the goal for a grinder. Safe bets and small amounts are their modus operandi. Remember that the purpose of the poker grinder is to make a living from his game, to secure a salary at the end of the month. So, they will stay away from taking unnecessary risks.

The bets are meditated and they are made with a lot of insurance. Some grinders even prefer to play at tables that play at a lower level than theirs, betting even more on security.

Small amounts

Small stakes, small amounts. That is, safe winnings. A grinder's eyes are not set on a large sum of money, they prefer small pots. Of course, we must not forget that a poker grinder is a player with years of experience, a great connoisseur of the rules of the game and even of the reading of the players' gestures. He will not hesitate to bet if he has everything clear and in his favor.

Appearances are deceiving

Beware of bluffs, a grinder will have caught you very quickly and will not hesitate to bet to win the game. However, while the grinder perceives what is going on around him, the beginner players will see in him a look-alike. The attitude of a grinder imitates that of a newcomer, it is part of his deception and his magic at the same time.

Grinders try to keep quiet, to remain unnoticed, while always being vigilant. That is why, when you least expect it and you have taken the bait, the grinder cries: all in! Then he picks up the chips from the table and leaves, while the rest of the players are left without knowing how it happened.


The more bets, the more chances of winning. That is why grinders move around the tables, participating in every hand they can and securing small amounts that, in the end, become a more than considerable figure.

Information is power

If you are determined to try this grinder thing, we recommend that you try to find out who is with you at the table. Analyze their behavior in the first hands without betting large sums. First of all, observe and analyze. And if, during that time, you make them believe that you have no idea whether a full house is higher or lower than a straight flush, you will be on the right track.

Detect the fishes

After a good analysis of our playing field, you have probably noticed that there are some fish at the table. For those of you who don't know the poker jargon, a fish is a "weaker" player, less trained in poker. A beginner.

However, many players with more knowledge of the game tend to look down on these players. This attitude can lead to players dropping out after feeling offended. It is not so obvious if you are acting as an online poker grinder, but it is not recommended. Above all, we must always maintain respect for all players.

But, let's not deny it, detecting them will never be a bad thing. On the contrary, it is also part of being a good poker grinder.

Don't be overconfident

Poker is a game of strategy and also of deception. That is part of its charm. That moment when you reach the end of the hand. You have a wonderful poker and you have managed to get someone at the table to join you in the betting to see at the end how, without expecting it, you end up collecting their chips. A good bluff in poker is priceless.

But, the victim of the bluff may be yourself. You never really know who is in front of you. So don't first of all and, as a good grinder, minimize the risks until you are 100% sure that the winner of the chips will be none other than you.

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