CASHBACK up to 40% + RAKE race+ Freerolls + EXTRA CASHBACK HABWIN 10%

CASHBACK up to 40% + RAKE race+ Freerolls + EXTRA CASHBACK HABWIN 10%

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CASHBACK - Rewards

Get rewards with Bwin rewards

Loyalty at Bwin is rewarded in a big way with the Rewards program. You only have to get a minimum of 10 points playing poker. In the rewards program, 1 point corresponds to every $ 1 of rake you generate.

When you get the 10 points, you will get the cash rakeback every Monday according to the following table:

PointsRakeback payment% Rake
10 $1 10%
25 $5 20%
50 $10.00
75 $15.00
100 $20.00
150 $37.50 25%
200 $50.00
300 $75.00
350 $87.50
400 $100.00
450 $112.50
500 $125.00
600 $180.00 30%
700 $210.00
800 $240.00
900 $270.00
1000 $300.00
Thereafter 40% for every 200 points earned

$5,000 in prizes to be distributed each day Do you like to play fast in Sit & Go?Bwin has prepared the tables for all those players who are looking for more excitement at any time of the day. . Remember that to participate you have to earn your points in SNG tournaments, since "Heads Up SNG" and "Spins" are not included in this promotion. There is a total of $5,000 in prizes to be distributed each day.1 #rewards point = 1 qualification point.Buyin Levels: 1$ – 2$ (Micro)5$ – 15$ (Low)20...
Get Your Share of the $ 17,000 Daily Get Your Share of the $ 17,000 DailyPlay at the Spins tables and get your share of $ 17,000! How? Simply play at the Bwin Spins tables to climb the prize rankings on the room leaderboards from 00:00 CET to 23:59 CET every day.You will find up to 5 classifications:Micro ($ 0.25 - $ 1), Small ($ 3 - $ 5), Low ($ 10 - $ 20), Medium ($ 50 - $ 100) and ($ 250 - $ 500)Leaderboard points = (buy-in - rake) * leaderboard multiplierTable multiplierLeade...
Choose your offer in the Bwin Welcome Bonus Get your 30$ in ticketsDo you want to enjoy a Welcome Bonus for registering with Bwin?You just have to create your account with us, and choose between the two possibilities offered by the Room:Offer 1 1: $ 10 in ticketsOffer 2: $ 30 in ticketsOffer 1: $10 in ticketsOffer 2: $30 in ticketsA minimum deposit of 10$ into your account is required. This bonus will be credited upon first deposit:Day 1: 2x $1 "Spins" tickets + 1x $3.30 MTT ticketDay 2...
Make the most of your buy-in in the Daily Legends You could be the new Bwin legend Bwin launches Five Daily Legends Rankings, Monday through Saturday, with 60,000$ in tournament tickets to give away each week and buy-ins starting at just 2.20$. The rankings will be from Monday to Saturday from 00:00 to 23:59 (CEST). To participate you just have to get points by playing in two Daily Legends tournaments. Here you can take a look at the full list of rankings: Leaderboard Buy-in Tournaments 1 2,2...

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